Self-Storage for College Students

Along with budding friendships, endless homework and the first real taste of freedom, college brings the hassle of moving back and forth from your childhood home to your new campus. Nothing is quite as thrilling as setting up your college dorm room, nor quite as irritating as trying to fit all your belongings into one car, and the frustration only mounts as your drivetime increases. Thankfully, self-storage allows you to cut down on some anxiety. Self-storage done well lends for a smooth transition between home and school. That being said, here at Grant Creek Self-Storage we realize that navigating your storage needs on top of all the ins and outs of college life can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this brief introduction to self-storage for college students.
How does self-storage work? Self-storage is a convenient way of storing one’s belongings in a professional facility in exchange for a rental fee. Most storage companies rent out their units on a monthly basis, while a few require longer rental agreements. Self-storage gives renters the freedom to store their belongings when and how they see fit, as long as they act in accordance with the facility’s standards.
Benefits of Self-Storage for College Students
Makes for a Convenient Move-In: Self-storage eliminates the need to transport your belongings all the way from campus to home or vice versa. A storage unit provides a space solely dedicated to housing your belongings, so that you don’t have to worry about safe transport or clearing space in your home. You won’t have to hunt down your stuff when it comes time for the next semester; it will all be conveniently stored in one place.
Better Maintains Your Belongings: Storing dorm room essentials in your family’s home can make for cramped space. Take our word for it. It’s inevitable that your stuff will end up wherever you can fit it. More often than not, this means storing bedding, decorations and other personal items in totally unsuitable parts of the house (We’re talking about your parents’ dusty attic or damp garage). Let’s face it; your home storage options just can’t compete with a professional storage facility. Renting a self-storage unit gives you the liberty to store your new belongings exactly how you want while giving you the peace of mind in knowing that your things won’t be falling prey to dust bunnies or the wrath of younger siblings. To put it simply, self-storage can be a safe haven for your college goods. If you want to extend the lives of your things, trust a qualified storage facility and pack the contents of your dorm smartly.
More Secure than Long-Distance Transport:When you travel with your belongings over a long distance, security becomes an issue, especially when you have to make overnight stops on your way home. A car loaded down with valuables is a beacon for thieves. Entrusting your stuff to a self-storage facility lets you know that it's in good hands. Facilities dedicated to consistently high-level security come equipped with unit locks, surveillance cameras and bright lighting, to name a few common measures.
Teaches Students to Rent Responsibly:Although added responsibility is the last thing that newly liberated college students want, renting self-storage provides valuable rental experience. Self-storage offers low risk preparation for future, more complicated rentals. While storage rental does not come attached with the same level of obligations as renting a house or apartment, making monthly payments and abiding by the facility’s rental agreements establishes healthy habits early.
How do I choose a storage facility? Selecting a storage facility is like choosing any other business. Find the facility that works best for you! The most important factor to consider for a storage facility is its proximity. For college students, you’ll want to find a unit as close to your campus as possible, so long as it fits within your budget. You’ll also want to consider the size of the available units, which we’ll discuss in a moment. When trying to narrow down your options, consider a storage company’s online presence, which serves as a strong indicator of how seriously they take their services. First of all, look for reviews of their facilities. We also recommend checking to see if your potential company has an up-to-date website. Do they offer online booking and payment options? All of these factors will suggest professionalism and experience.
What size storage unit do I need? The size of the unit that you need depends on the size and quantity of items that you want to store. You might be surprised by how much that you can accumulate in a single dorm room or small apartment. For most college students living in a standard dorm room, a 5’ x 5’ unit will suffice. The size of a walk-in closet, a 5’ x 5’ unit can comfortably store about a dozen boxes and a couple of small furnishings. The next size up, a 10’ x 10’ unit, offers four times the space of a 5’ x 5’ unit. A 10’ x 10’ can hold larger furniture and the décor from multiple rooms, making it a better option for students moving from an apartment setting. Want a little more guidance? Check out our free interactive storage space calculator!
Where can I find a self-storage unit?If you find yourself in the Missoula area, then Grant Creek Self-Storage is your best option, whether or not you’re in college. Grant Creek offers a wide range of unit sizes with both indoor and outdoor spaces. Located minutes from the University of Montana’s campus, our facility is the ideal location for college students in transition. With the opportunity to book and pay online, self-storage couldn’t be any easier. Start storing with Grant Creek today!