Along with budding friendships, endless homework and the first real taste of freedom, college brings the hassle of moving back and forth from your childhood home to your new campus. Nothing is quite as thrilling as setting up your college dorm room, nor quite as irritating as trying to fit all your belongings into one car, and the frustration only mounts as your drivetime increases. Thankfully, self-storage allows you to cut down on some anxiety.
What Christmas is complete without the twinkle of lights or the hanging of your family’s favorite ornaments? There’s a reason that the song says to “Deck the Halls.” Decorating for any winter holiday is a fun and festive way of celebrating the present season and a way of honoring years past. But we’re all familiar with the hassle of storing holiday decor. What do you do once the tinsel is off the tree? How can you store your wrapping paper once the holidays are a wrap? As we move through the end of the holiday season, consider these packing and storage tips from Grant Creek Self-Storage to help your most treasured holiday decorations last for generations to come.
On top of the countless stresses that come with everyday life, trying to find the storage facility that best suits your needs can be an additional and unnecessary headache. All too often, people mistakenly believe that all storage companies provide the same quality of service, resulting in dissatisfaction with their facility. In more drastic cases, signing on to a storage facility without first learning about the business itself can end in stolen or damaged property, every storage renter’s worst nightmare. Choosing to rent from a self-storage facility, when done with an informed decision, should make storing your property more convenient, not more of a hassle. Before committing to a storage company, consider these key factors to find the facility that will best suit your needs.